With four of my favorite classmates, we took on a 48 hour hackathon hosted by Philips Healthcare. As design lead - it was a great learning experience to brainstorming and product strategy.


Watch our presentation!



Before we came to the hackathon, we had formed our team and already hashed out some preliminary product ideas. As we listen to the introductions and hackathon rules, we quickly found we had to rethink everything.



We began the night with sky's-the-limit thinking with lots of wacky ideas! It was really fun and a great way to begin the process. We ended with a great diagram that we thought would be a fun way ti visualize how people's health is on track towards a health goal.

Our inspiration for the next day.

Product refinement

On Saturday morning, Philips had sprung a surprise! They provided 6 personas from which we must choose to design a product around. We spent a majority of the day (about 12 hours) deciding what this product was going to be. Our persona was to be Mark, a twenty-seven year old man who had a desk job at Walmart. He has lots of wearables and wants to get in shape, but lacks the motivation and the knowledge on how to do that.


We came up with the concept of a "Kickstarter for Corporate Wellness" and loved the idea. It essentially treats your potential health improvement as currency. With this currency you can buy prizes that are sponsored by your company, friends, family, etc. on the HealthCrush app.

Product design

At this point we have 8 hours left until we present. We begin to sketch out ideas for UI flows and how we will represent our newly defined product.


Presentation design

With only 8 hours left on the clock, we started to refine the only screens that were necessary for the presentation. Borrowing heavily from all of our inspiration products, we hacked together a prototype!

Activity screen.

Activity screen

This is the home activity screen for our users. Here you can see all your requirements for the day in order to maintain a successful track toward achieving your goal. Currently we have a Fitbit and connected scale; therefore we are tracking steps, sleep, and weight in order to determine health goals. In the future these measurement will become more sophisticated with advancements in wearables.

Team screen.

Team screen

Here we can see how each person in the team is performing and the overall status. Teammates can communicate with each other for encouragement and hopefully to successfully complete their challenge and receive the prize!

Shop screen

Shop screen

Here you can browse upcoming events and challenges for yourself and see if they have enough people on the team. You can browse from items to vacations, to other prizes that the company sponsors through HealthCrush.


Prize screen

Here we see a sample prize screen that is a digital zombie role playing game. You can go into detail as to who has accepted this challenge, what they are saying, a breakdown of the rewards, and when the challenge begins.

Third place!


After a long weekend of hard work, we presented with poise and were rewarded with a 3rd Place honor! The judges were kind and said we had the best presentation and most complete product of the entire competition. We were very happy, low on sleep, and I look forward to my next hackathon!

Weeks later, we were invited to Philips Healthcare office to present to the Philips CEO and other executive partners.

Thank you for reading! If you want to read more, or read my blog post Architecture to UX.

Gavin Johns

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